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Le Valdor

In May 2014, the brand new Le Valdor hospital was proud to open its doors in Liège after 9 years of construction. The building respects the site’s rich history, but gladly welcomes the future as well. It is, therefore, a genuine asset for the inhabitants of Liège.

Valdor lies in the heart of Liège, the district of Amercoeur. It is a famous and notorious place for many inhabitants of Liège. The original building (of which only the front has been preserved) was built in 1889 by architect Gaspard and served as a hospice for the elderly and disabled.
In 2005, the green light was given to renovate the building that had become dilapidated since 1990. The renovation was financed by the Walloon region, the federal government and the European Union.
The staff of Le Valdor remains faithful to two basic principles: quality of care (modern technology and a complete health care offer that is accessible to all) and quality of life (light, warmth/cooling and comfort for both the staff and patients). Haelvoet subscribes completely to these basic principles.We decorated the rooms of Le Valdor with comfortable and contemporary Haelvoet furniture (Aron hospital bed, Ilana bedside tables,...)

Architect: Dirix Architecture

Scope of the project : 236 rooms

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