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WZC Sint-Vincentius

For the renovation and extension of it residential nursing home in Avelgem, Sint-Vincentius chose Haelvoet to be its partner.

To guarantee a continuous service, the renovation project has been divided in different phases. In March 2014, Haelvoet delivered the furniture for the first project phase, which included the decoration of the day care centre. From now on, the residents can enjoy our Domus Collection (Club seats and relax chairs), Square dining tables and coffee tables, and the Flat table gamut (boat-shaped tables and coffee tables with a central base).
Thanks to the ample attention paid to a homely design and interior, our furniture is not only functional; it also contributes to the atmosphere and characteristic trait of the living areas.

Architect: VK Studio (Roeselare)

Scope of the project : Rooms + living room

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