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a blessing for people needing care

The Fero relax chair has been especially designed for those in need of that extra special care. These chairs will allow the patient to feel exceptionally well-supported.


Both are recliner mechanisms that support all parts of the body while inclined in a "Zero-Gravity" position*.

Fero Ergo-line has a handle on both left and right sides of the chair that can be put in an on/off position. Unlike the Fero Classic, the seat, backrest, and legrest of the Ergo-line mechansm incline simultaneously and continuously until the “Zero-Gravity” position* is obtained.

Fero Classic can be easily adjusted by a light backwards push, without having to manipulate a handle. With this chair, the legrest moves upwards first, after which the whole seat can be inclined. A new position requires hardly any effort.

* "Zero-Gravity" position : This sitting/lying position is inspired by NASA data on a neutral physical position, which transforms all muscular strength into a biomedical equilibrium

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