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Sit comfortably

The Talo seat is available in 6 variants:

- Talo rest chair (ref. 14184)
- Talo rest chair with castors (Ø100 mm)
- Talo recliner chair (ref. 14183)
- Talo recliner chair with castors (Ø100 mm)
- Talo Classic relax chair (ref. 12900)
- Talo Classic relax chair with castors (Ø100 mm) (ref. 12901) and optional footrest

The Talo relax chair is only available with the Classic relax mechanism. The Classic relax mechanism can be easily adjusted by a light backwards push, without having to manipulate a handle. A new position requires hardly any effort. The Talo recliner chair on the other hand has a handle on both sides, which allows the backrest to be inclined.