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Mauro E-move

Productnr.: 19102

The Mauro E-move relax chair is equipped with an electrically adjustable legrest and backrest, easy to operate with an intuitive handset. Two actuators make sure that the backrest, seat and legrest tilt into a zero gravity position (*). The backrest and seat rest are individually adjustable.

Mauro distinguishes itself by:

  • the seat shell which has been designed following the shape of the human spine (S-shape). It offers an exceptional support at the level of the lower back and the shoulders. An optional neck support cushion is possible, but certainly not required.
  • the E-move relax mechanism that inclines the backrest, seat and legrest simultaneously into a “Zero Gravity” position: less pressure points on the body and a good blood circulation
  • a wide choice of castors choice between Ø125mm castors with central brake, Ø100mm castors with individual brake, Ø65mm castors with individual brake and Ø300mm front castors.
  • central brake and directional lock on the 2 castors at the back legs (castors diam. 125 mm). An individual brake at the front is optionally available.
  • various accessories make the chair more complete, such as a removable headrest, a dinner tray,...

(*) Zero gravity position: this seat/lying position is based on NASA data. A neutral body position converts all muscle power into a biomedical balance. (Source:“From outer space to you”, Omni, March 1994.)

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