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Mauro Duo-line

Productnr.: 18900

The Mauro Duo-line relax chair is made of round metal tubes. The relax chair is provided with castors 125 mm and lowerable armrests.

Mauro distinguishes itself by:

  • the seat shell which has been designed following the shape of the human spine (S-shape). It offers an exceptional support at the level of the lower back and the shoulders. An optional neck support cushion is possible, but certainly not required.
  • the Duo-line relax mechanism puts the backrest and legrest independently into a ‘zero gravity’ position: less pressure points on the body and a good blood circulation.
  • the "raising & sitting assist", this optional stand-up help can be easily activated by means of an extra lever. The supporting seat movement makes both getting up and sitting ergonomically easier.
  • the telescopic legrest which assures optimal leg support.
  • a wide choice of castors choice between Ø125mm castors with central brake, Ø100mm castors with individual brake, Ø65mm castors with individual brake and Ø300mm front castors.
  • central brake and directional lock on the 2 castors at the back legs (castors Ø125mm). An individual brake at the front is optionally available.
  • various accessories make the chair more complete, such as a removable headrest, a dinner tray,...

Mauro raising & sitting assist

Mauro with optional "raising & sitting assist"

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