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10-06-16 Products

Product training in Abu Dhabi

The Haelvoet product training in Abu Dhabi last week has been a great success.

The training was attended by our distributors from Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman and India. Under the expert guidance of Pieter Verkest, International Sales Manager, the following items were discussed: the Fero relax chair, the Olympia Hospital bed, the Vico stretcher and the Eleva examination table.
The training focused on the technical details of each product but also on the unique selling points that bring real added value to the customer.

Participants' comments about the Haelvoet training in Abu Dhabi:

“Great training, everything explained in terms of equipment, spare parts, …” (Mr. Chrisante Padua, Mega medical and Scientific Technology, Abu Dhabi)

“The presentation was very informative. We did learn a lot, especially the technical details and selling tips. We sincerely wish to thank Pieter and the Haelvoet company for this training and we hope to see more training.” (Mr. Christopher G. Rozario, Averroes Medical Co., Koeweit)

“The training turned out very productive and will be useful in our daily customer meetings when talking about Haelvoet products. The training helped us understanding how to choose the right product after asking the correct questions to the end user.” (Mr. Shaji Cherian George, Medesole W.L.L, Qatar)

Many thanks to our distributor Global Medical Care System (GMCS) who made the training possible!