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31-10-23 Company news

Beyond borders

Comfort, ergonomics, functionality and - if possible – preferably a homely style. General manager Tom Preneel and export manger Pieter Verkest take you on a tour through a wonderful world with innovations galore.

Haelvoet, a family business founded in 1931, has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality furniture for hospitals and nursing homes for more than 90 years. Haelvoet specialises in the creation and production of mobile healthcare furniture for hospitals and residential care homes, including beds, night tables, dining tables and functional seating for patients and elderly care residents. With a strong focus on innovation, Haelvoet continuously improves the functionality and efficiency of its products, simplifying the daily tasks of healthcare professionals and improving the empowerment of the patient.

Haelvoet's product range includes healthcare solutions, e.g. Haelvoet Connect Solutions, which provide efficient management for healthcare professionals. These innovative care/cure products are enjoying success in several international markets.

Haelvoet's growth strategy for the future includes optimising energy and labour costs, expanding the product range in existing markets and selectively entering new areas. The company remains committed to its mission to improve patient care through healthcare furniture solutions.

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Original publication in [NL] Sterck Magazine West-Vlaanderen