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15-06-23 Company news

VOKA - Sustainable Development certificate

Haelvoet has received the VOKA award for the second time in a row for completing 10 Sustainable Development Goals actions.

On Thursday, 15th of June 2023, Haelvoet obtained the second certificate of Sustainable Development.

After a thorough audit by VOKA Flanders, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the sustainability policy and actions carried out in 2022 were found to be in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
The impact of ecological realizations is proven by energy and water consumption reports, e.g., a decrease in gas consumption. In short, it pays off to carry out impactful actions.

After a successful first year, thanks to concrete feedback from VOKA, Haelvoet could propose 10 new actions.

A short overview of the realizations 2022-2023:
- Renewal of skylights
- Internal app for improvements, and complaints → more efficient communication
- Charging station for forklifts and fleet
- Donations of old beds from customers to developing countries
- Procedure for a starting employee
- Welcome brochure for new employee
- ...

What’s next?
Stay tuned and get inspired.
Sustainability Report